About Us.



With a collective experience of over 20 years working in mental health within both the NHS and private practises, our team of therapists have seen how devastating mental ill health can be to people’s lives. Companies now cite mental ill health and stress as the number one cause of long – term sickness absence, yet sadly there is still a stigma surrounding the issue being raised in the workplace.

Guiding Minds understands the importance of listening to the unique challenges and experiences of organisations and thus offering services that best suit the people who work there.

Our aim is to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to the mental wellbeing of people at work. We do this by bringing our clinical experiences into companies and creating bespoke workshops which help shift perceptions, and challenge existing attitudes. Guiding Minds recognise that small changes can make huge differences.

“Both Louise and Charlotte listened but did not judge, I really valued all the help they gave me after the session too, thank you “The AA Cardiff 2018

The benefits of this are threefold – firstly employee mental wellbeing will improve, secondly time off with work related stress, anxiety and depression will reduce and finally the productivity of the workforce will increase.