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Staff Retention

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The importance of wellbeing for your staff

Seeing this caused me to chuckle and think ‘how true’.  We have all experienced poor management and I’m sure we have all been there in picking up the pieces once that manager has moved on…or been moved on!  It also made me think of staff retention and how keeping your workforce happy and motivated is key to a successful organisation.  Good management is vitally important but equally important is the support they have around them.

The idea around Guiding Minds came from exactly this – the lack of support organisations have surrounding the mental wellbeing of their staff.  In my case the problem was a big increase in my teams workload which resulted in rising stress levels.  If only i had someone who could advise me on how my team could manage and understand their stress.  In reality I had no support which resulted in me losing good people, with those remaining experiencing an increase in their workload and therefore stress – the cycle started again.